One of these lasting memories

from my childhood is the open air camping, where gathered around the camp fire, we wrapped potatoes and onions in cooking foil to bury them in the live coals and eat later on, like they were the most delicious thing on earth. The fascination about crackling fire is still up-to-date all over the world – it warms us up, it takes our thoughts away and leaves us originally and naturally behind.


So isn‘t it amazing that there is today no modern solution of preparing food within a real open fire?


Every development of modern cooking was going to hide and to restrain the fire up to replacing it finally by electricity. Even barbecue is cooking with coal and not with fire. So yes we know that fire is very hot, irregular and dangerous. Everything that touches the flames is going to be carbonised and it is not easy at all to cook with full control.


But what if there is finally a solution that combines an original fascinating fireplace with all needs of today?...






cooking with open blazing fire

for gratin, soup, ragout fin, desserts etc.